Property Accountant

Property Accountant
Location: Hybrid
Type: Full Time

We are looking for a Property Accountant who will be responsible for providing financial information to the management and unit owners by maintaining records of assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements, and other financial activities of the condominium corporation, and maintaining financial security by observing approved policies and procedures.


Roles and Responsibilities


1. Bookkeeping

  • Checks the accuracy of suppliers’ invoices by comparing and tracing to delivery receipts, purchase orders and other supporting documents;
  • Prepares request for payments for service providers, contractors and suppliers;
  • Ensures request for payments are sent to the head office for review and approval with complete supporting documents;
  • Checks the petty cash replenishment and reviews the accuracy and correctness of disbursements charged to petty cash fund;
  • Encodes check vouchers, journal vouchers and credit memos properly and completely in the accounting system;
  • Records the proper and complete accrual for expenses already incurred but not yet paid at the end of the reporting period;
  • Records the proper and complete amortization for prepaid expenses that as they are incurred at the end of the reporting period;
  • Ensures that all receipts are recorded to the proper accounts;
  • Maintains the proper, complete and orderly filing of all accounting documents such as but not limited to check vouchers, journal vouchers and official receipts;
  • Monitors the issuance of accountable forms such as Sales Invoices, Acknowledgement Receipts, Provisional Receipts and Official Receipts as well as the safekeeping of the unused booklets;
  • Ensures that the manual book of accounts are updated;


2. Billing and Collection

  • Prepares the billing to developer for association dues, share on common area utilities and special assessments;
  • Checks the Daily Collection and Deposit Reports against deposit slips, cash on hand and IPAS records;


3. Tax Reporting

  • Computes and properly records withholding taxes based on required rates;
  • Prepares and ensures submission of monthly expanded withholding tax returns;
  • Ensures the proper recording and recognition of Output VAT from collections;
  • Computes and properly records Input VAT from purchases of goods and services;
  • Prepares and ensures submission of monthly and quarterly VAT returns;
  • Computes and properly records the income tax;
  • Prepares and ensures submission of quarterly and annual income tax returns;
  • Ensures that all Authority to Print of all accountable forms are available and properly filed;

4. Bank Reconciliation

  • Prepares monthly bank reconciliation for banks
  • Ensures that reconciling items are properly recorded.


5. Business Process

  • Observes the established policies and procedures;
  • Complies with implemented internal control;
  • Coordinate with internal auditors and ensures that
  • internal audit findings are properly addressed;
  • Adheres to the established timetable and deadlines;


6. Customer Orientation

  • Receives and handles accounting related concerns efficiently by addressing them directly or by giving updates or feedbacks for concerns not addressed immediately;
  • Receives and handles non-accounting related concerns efficiently by endorsing the concern to appropriate PMO personnel;


7. Learning and Growth

  • Participates in learning sessions such as workshops and seminars designed to improve skills needed in performing job functions;


8. Others

  • Perform and complete any and all other tasks that may be assigned by the Accounting Supervisor, Property Manager, Accounting Manager and/or the VP for PMO.


Requirements and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy.
  • Knowledge in basic and advance accounting, tax reporting and financial reporting
  • Knowledge of office administration practices & procedures.
  • Proficient in the use of a computer, excellent telephone communication & public relation skills.
  • Proficient business writing skills; ability to compose and edit correspondences reports.
  • Time management skills.
  • Ability to plan and follow through with given assignments, duties; establish priorities.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Effective verbal and listening communication skills.
  • Effective organizational skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Applications

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